Monday, January 24, 2011

Paddling Eastern North Carolina - Book Review

Paddling Eastern North Carolina by Paul Ferguson

Pros: Each paddling area entry includes ratings for difficulty, distance, scenery, width, gradient, and map reference. Also contains detailed road maps to the put in / take out areas.

Cons: Needs a more extensive list of essential paddling gear. Check out my recommended gear list here.

Bottom Line: Detailed and carefully researched paddling guide of the creeks, ponds, rivers, and swamps of eastern North Carolina.

Details: Entries are listed by river basin and then alphabetically by body of water. Each river section begins with a table format that not only lists the usual information (e.g. difficulty and distance), but has unique features. One example is that Ferguson divides each river into two mile sections and assigns a letter grade for the scenery type. e.g. A (50%), B (25%), C (25%). This gives a more accurate listing of the kinds of scenery found there. Another example are the detailed notes given on noteworthy features and the mile marker that the paddler will encounter them. Ferguson also maintains a Website where he collects and updates information for the guidebook. Paul Ferguson's guide is a "must" buy for any person who paddles in eastern North Carolina!

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