Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fishin Magician - And the Rest of the Story!

Hi Everyone!

Back in July 2010, Rachel and I were Sea Kayaking at Wrightsville Beach! During our paddle, we came across a cabin cruiser anchored in a remote channel. I speculated on the circumstances surrounding the boat. An excerpt from that blog post:

"Here, we encountered the "Fishin Magician" out of Wrightsville Beach, anchored in the channel we were following. We noted several birds perched in its sagging blue canvas that covered the flying bridge. The birds had devicated all over the boat... and appeared to be tearing the canvas into shreds... maybe to use as nesting material? The "Fishin Magician" looked like it had been neglected for some time... and I wondered what was the story behind why its owner decided to leave a 30 foot plus cabin cruiser anchored in this remote channel?"

Well, the owner of the "Fishin Magician" recently discovered my July 2010 blog post... and left the following comment! :-O

"The Fishin Magician belongs to me and is my beer drinking platform. It is unfortunate that the birds have defiled my boat. I regret to inform you that the boat is actually being removed this Saturday." [January 22nd] - Fishin Magician owner

"She is gone." - Fishin Magician owner (January 23rd)

And now we know! ;-)

It is these kinds of "neat" encounters and "fill in the blanks" stories that make blogging so enjoyable and rewarding to me! Thanks again to the "Fishin Magician" owner for commenting and contributing to this blog post!

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