Thursday, January 27, 2011

Durhamblogger is a YouTube Celebrity!

Yee Haw River Paddle 2010 video (at 2:54 / 5:05)

Back in April 2010, Rachel and I attended the 3rd Annual Yee Haw! River Paddle and had a wonderful time paddling and socializing with a great bunch of yakers on the Haw River. During our paddle, we encountered one family in a canoe who were really getting into the spirit of the paddle. I wrote the following:

"We encountered several flotillas of yakers as we paddled down the Haw River. We exchanged pleasantries, laughed, and joked around. What a great time on the water! I even saw one fellow in a canoe wearing a raccoon skin hat complete with tail! I greeted him with a "There is Daniel Boone" He laughed. He was certainly getting into the spirit of this river paddle!"

I later learned, from a comment left on Durhamblogger, that the "guy wearing the raccoon skin hat" was a fellow named Ken along with his wife Tracy and their eight year old son Griffin. I also "just" learned that Ken was video taping his family's paddling adventures on the Haw River that day... and he caught the Durhamblogger in his lens! At the 2:54 minute mark of Ken's 5:05 minute YouTube video, there is a maybe 2-4 second glimpse of Rachel and me paddling past his canoe! You can checkout Ken's complete Yee Haw River Paddle 2010 YouTube video here.

Thanks for the 2 seconds of fame Ken.... and hopefully we will meet again at the 2011 Yee Haw! River Paddle event coming up in a few months!

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