Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunset of my Paddling Season

It is with mixed emotions that I am "forced" (due to inclement weather, cold water temperatures, and lack of a dry suit) to end my paddling for the season. Looking back, I saw my share of fun and exciting paddling adventures in 2011... and I have no doubt that 2012 will be even better! :-) I took the above photo from my truck as I crested the hill on Infinity Drive at sunset... and I think both the street name and beautiful sunset captures my emotions at the closing of another paddling season. But never fear... I will still be making posts to Durhamblogger... just not as frequently... and I will always reply to your comments! Paddling season will resume for me in late March... so maybe 3 months will not be such a long time to wait? So, to my Durhamblogger readers... I want to say "Thank you!" for reading, commenting, and sharing together my paddling adventures. And always remember to take life one stroke at a time! - Mike, - the Durhamblogger. biggrin

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