Monday, December 6, 2010

It's a Small Internet World!

Regular Durhamblogger readers may remember my August paddling adventure on the Pamunkey River. It was during that trip I took the following memorable photo:

And now, as Paul Harvey used to say... "here is the rest of the story." Our friends from Mechanicsville, VA were visiting us this past weekend and told me the following story. The owner of the creek side property and floating dock in the above photo, was recently searching online for paddling areas on the Pamunkey River. And guess what? The Durhamblogger post "Paddling on the Pamunkey River" popped up in his search engine! He was astonished to be viewing his property on the Internet... and at first had no idea how such a photo had found its way into the virtual world! He than remembered a fellow (psst... it was the Durhamblogger himself ) walking around his land this past summer (in the company of his neighbors who are our friends from Mechanicsville!)... and putting two and two together... the mystery was quickly solved. It was "elementary my dear Watson" as the legendary fictitious detective Sherlock Holmes was fond of exclaiming! It is these kinds of "neat" encounters and human interest stories that make blogging so enjoyable and rewarding to me!

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