Sunday, December 26, 2010

Great and not so Great Paddling Gifts!

Howdy everyone! The Raleigh-Durham area had a "white" Christmas... with 4 - 6 inches of snow falling Dec 25th - 26th! :-) That makes three significant snow events in December... very unusual for this region! Well, besides the "white stuff" falling... the Durhamblogger received both great... and not so great paddling gifts in his stocking this year. On the "great" side... I got

"Paddling Eastern North Carolina" by Paul Ferguson... a most appropriate gift for a guy who can be found "...paddling on the lakes and rivers of eastern North Carolina." Look for a book review on Durhamblogger in the near future! On the "not so great, but pretty funny" side... a gag gift from my mother-in-law... what every paddler does NOT need... a "holey" paddle! :-O

Not too practical getting me from Point A to Point B on the water... but good for a chuckle or too! I also received a French Press coffee maker... and I'm putting it to good use as I enjoy a steaming hot cup of Java watching the snow pile up outside!

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  1. LOL love that paddle!
    Looks like some wonderful gifts from the holiday season that will take you into 2011 excited for new adventures.

  2. Thanks Rebecca! And thanks for including Durhamblogger in your Outdoor Blogger Network (OBN) directory!


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