Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sea Kayaking at Myrtle Beach!

11/11/2010 - Murrells Inlet, SC

Regular Durhamblogger readers may remember... in an earlier post this month... that the week of November 7th - 14th was going to be a "working" vacation for us at Myrtle Beach, SC. Well, halfway through the week... the "work" part was over... and I was itching to go paddling! It had been a long, dry spell since my last paddling trip nearly a month ago... but our paddling adventure in the salt marsh nature preserve at Murrells Inlet... made up for it! Yes indeed! The weather Veteran's Day was fantastic for early November on the coast... upper 60's... sunny... and a moderate sea breeze. Nice! :-)

We rented a couple of single seat kayaks from Express Watersports in Murrells Inlet, a small fishing village located approximately 30 miles south of Myrtle Beach. Our put in area was on a dock near the salt water marsh. Boo! A curious egret checking us out! All the aquatic wildlife we encountered allowed us to paddle very close to them. We routinely "scared up" birds roosting in the tall marsh grass as we paddled through the twisty water paths.
Large and expensive fishing boats moored at the Murrells Inlet marina.

Spotted this Brown Pelican bobbing on the water... either looking for fish or a handout from the folks strolling on the dock.

Minutes later, the pelican went airborne and flew off down the marsh.

A White Egret and several White Ebis on the shoreline.

The Durhamblogger (Me!) exploring one of the many twisting water paths that meandered through the salt marsh. It was a lot of fun to follow these "water routes" and paddle deeper into the tidal marsh. Usually, we were rewarded with a close encounter with either an aquatic bird or a discovery of a quiet tidal pool surrounded by tall reeds.

Rachel scouting ahead. We had spotted a Blue Heron and saw the bird land in the reeds a short distance from Rachel. I got my camera out of the dry bag... powered it on... and prepared for a photo opportunity...

... And there it was! Caught the Blue Heron as the bird leaped into the sky and flew off over the reeds!

Rachel taking a break from paddling... and enjoying every minute of our adventure!

Murrells Inlet beauty shots! Enjoy!

Yakers are always responsible for our wakes... since the ONLY way to go is slow! but what about those big motor boats? ;-)

And speaking of BIG boats... how about one with three 225mph motors? You have got to be kidding!

Not only did we encounter play toys for the rich... but some of their houses too! Check out this quaint "cottage" by the sea! :-O

It was a beautiful day just made for paddling!

Some other folks had the same idea as we did. I spotted this single and tandem kayak pod heading out into the marsh during our return trip.

Back at the marina and our take out area.

Rachel and I had a wonderful time paddling the salt marsh at Murrells Inlet! It was really good to get back into the kayak cockpit once again.

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  1. Looks like you really lucked out weather-wise. Great photos!

  2. Thanks! Both the weather and paddling trip were fantastic!


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