Monday, November 29, 2010

Kayaks for Women - Really?

I was looking for more "essential" paddling gear recently... and came across kayaks designed specifically for women! Check it out here. Huh? Really? I understand kayaks designed for different body weights and frames... but kayaks designed for different sexes... and marketed exclusively to women? Granted... being the "red-blooded" male that I am... you are NOT going to find me paddling a kayak model named "Venus" ;-) ... but if you change the model name to "Zeus" or "Atlas" - maybe?

What do Durhamblogger readers think?

Does marketing kayaks exclusively to women make sense?

What about kayaks marketed exclusively to men?

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  1. "Kayaks for women" is usually slang for boats for short thin people. Since neither of those adjectives apply, I can basically skip them. But if I was a petite women I'd no doubt love the idea. But why not market to different segments? I love customized things. I'd probably pay extra for a life jacket with as many color choices as a LL Bean backpack.

  2. I agree with marketing to different segments; in fact, in today's society, there are more niche segments than you can shake a stick at! I wonder sometimes how much "acceptance" there would be if a kayaking manufacturer targeted ONLY men for their products - would there be a backlash reaction from women?


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