Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Those Wild, Beautiful Places!

"I'm still a kid inside, and adventure is adventure wherever you find it"
- Jim Dale

One of the pleasant surprises of paddling that still amazes me... are the wild, beautiful places located within a stone's throw of bustling urbanism. While folks are rushing here and there... talking on cell phones... texting... messaging... emailing... trying their best to cram as much "stuff" into a 24 hour period as possible... a scene like the above may be experienced after a short 10 minute car drive beyond Durham's city limits... and an equally short paddle on Lake Michie to an island I nicknamed Mike's Island!

So, I do feel blessed to have learned the "secret" of slowing down (you have to make time for it!)... taking it easy... getting on the water... and paddling to those wondrous, wild, and beautiful places located a short distance from home. Yep. I'm still a kid at heart with many adventures yet to take. ;-)

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