Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paddling - On Again. Off Again

I had planned to paddle this weekend and was excited that our friend Carol was going to join us. We were even going to paddle some "new" water off Interstate 85. But then Carol had to beg off at the last minute... Rachel was not sold on the idea... and I was not keen on going it alone this time. A couple other factors played into my "no go" decision... the weather was cooler... mid 50's... a stiff breeze was blowing... and our oldest son was home for a brief visit from UNC Charlotte... and I wanted to maximize my time with him. Bottom line - no paddling this weekend. :-(

But never fear. I am planning a "working" vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC next week... and look forward to getting in some sea kayaking! Stay tuned, more to come! :-)

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  1. It's so tough on the shoulder seasons, the days are so short and the weather so iffy. You just can't count on getting out, and rejoice when you do. And if you find yourself unwilling to commit to attending a Thanksgiving dinner because it might be warm enough to paddle, then you know you have problems ; )

  2. From one yaker to another - thanks! Especially the part about priorities.


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