Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late Morning Paddle at Lake Holt

10/16/2010 - Lake Holt, Butner, NC

Rachel originally planned to paddle with me on Saturday, but a last minute phone call from a girl friend with an offer to shop and have lunch together... nixed the together paddle plans. So instead, I went alone. I decided to paddle Lake Holt and see how advanced the fall colors were on the trees. I loaded up my truck with the "yellow beast" and gear... and was on the road by mid-morning. Temperature was approximately 45F and warmed to 50F by the time I put in. Weather forecast called for a sunny day, highs in the upper 60'sF, and winds out of the NW at 10 - 15 mph. Nice paddling conditions! :-)

Put in at the Lake Holt boat ramp. As I prepared to launch, I saw two adults and two kids in a small motorboat getting ready to set off down the lake. I overheard one of the boys asking his father in a loud whisper... "Hey dad, what kind of boat is that?" pointing to my kayak. He had never seen a kayak before! :-O

Water conditions were dead calm as I began my paddle. The deep blue color of the water was very striking.

I saw some evidence of fall colors... but it will be a few more weeks before colors really "pop" at Lake Holt! I observed nice tree reflections in the still water.

The winds, that were calm at the beginning of my paddle, began to pick up as the morning progressed. At a few points, I experienced gusts that nearly ripped off my cap. I estimated those gusts to be in the 20 - 25 mph range.

I decided to explore the northern area of Lake Holt. Here I discovered a small and quiet cove off the main waterway.

It dead ended at a tangled maze of tree limbs that had fallen over the water. I turned around and made my way back out to the main channel. This photo was taken looking "out" from the cove.

I spied splashes of fall color!

The return paddle was a little tough for me with the sun glare off the water surface. I wear prescription lenses and don't own a pair of sunglasses. So I made the best of it and took the next two photos to capture that effect. It is a lot "prettier" to view in a photo than having to paddle through it! ;-)

Back at the Lake Holt boat ramp.

I spent an enjoyable and uneventful few hours paddling Lake Holt. It was good to get out... get some exercise... and enjoy the solitude of nature. I plan to return in a few weeks to capture the splendid fall colors in my camera lens! :-)

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  1. Maybe transition lenses on your next glasses? I do have prescription sunglasses; it makes life easier. You can also get fit over sunglasses, which admittedly are mostly spotted on those who've had cartaract surgery. Long ago I had an old pair of glasses dipped to become sunglasses. More recently, I recycled an old frame, just getting new lenses to keep down costs.

  2. Excellent suggestions! At the least, I should invest in a pair of cheap clip on shades.


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