Friday, October 1, 2010

An Early Morning Paddle at Beaver Dam Lake

10/01/2010 - Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC

Thursday afternoon I was not feeling well at work. It started in my head and then progressed to my stomach. I was not sure what I had... until I recognized the symptoms... "paddling withdrawal!" ;-) And there is only one cure for it! You got to go paddling asap! So, following doctor's orders... I decided to get in a morning paddle at one of my favorite "haunts" - Beaver Dam Lake. It was also an opportunity to "break in" my Aquafusion Liberty 13 kayak! Friday morning there were scattered rain showers... but the forecast called for mostly sunny... winds NNW at 10 to 20 mph... 76 F for a high... and only 20% chance of precipitation later in the day. I went for it.

A gloomy, overcast sky with wind swept rain greeted me on my 8:30 AM arrival at Beaver Dam Lake.

I was "almost" the only person in the parking lot near the boat ramps.

I had the pleasure of meeting a fine fellow named JD who was testing out a new fishing reel on the dock next to the boat ramps. We chatted for a while as I waited for the weather to clear. Meeting new and interesting folks is always a plus when I go paddling! Take care JD... enjoyed our chat... and I hope our paths cross again!

A clearing sky was the sign for me to launch. It was a most welcome sight! :-)

Put in at the Beaver Dam Lake boat ramp.
Still significant overcast skies looking NE from the put in area. Then gradual clearing.

Tangled and discarded fishing line and lures are a deadly hazard to both birds and fish. I was able to cut off and remove most of the line from this submerged tree branch. I always carry a multi-purpose tool and garbage bags when I paddle for just such occasions.
This is an "unauthorized" put in / take out area located down a quiet cove and out of visual sight of the Beaver Dam boat ramps. Folks put in here on the weekends to avoid the $6.00 park entrance fee.

Aquatic plant vine growing among the rocks.

A Beaver Dam Lake "beauty" photo!

True to the forecast, the lake water surface was calm with light winds and then fairly choppy with 20 mph wind gusts.
Beautiful cloud formations.
A "neat" photo of my "yellow beast!" She can really sprint across the water! :-)
The buoy line designating the swimming area at Beaver Dam Lake. Both the beach and swim area were deserted this early in the morning.
As the morning progressed, the skies cleared and it became mostly sunny.

Back at the put in / take out area.
It was a pleasant early morning paddle at Beaver Dam Lake... just what the doctor ordered! ;-)

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  1. Beaver Dam Lake is often considered part of Falls Lake, a large reservoir north of Raleigh and east of Durham. However, Beaver Dam is actually its own reservoir, and a small dam separates it from Falls Lake. (This Falls Lake is a different lake than the one along the Yadkin River near Albemarle). It is the main water supply for the city of Raleigh, so many efforts are made to keep the water clean, such as prohibiting housing around the shores. Falls is also the source of the Neuse River, and it is named for a series of waterfalls and rapids that were flooded when the dam was built.


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