Friday, October 15, 2010

Beaver Dam Lake - Favorite Paddling Photo!

I was rummaging through several folders of my recent Beaver Dam Lake paddling adventures... and came across my favorite one! Here it is:

I love the symmetry and balance of the images. The scene captures for me the spirit of adventure... and that special sense of wonder and awe found only in nature. Wonder what's around that next bend? Enjoy! Look for a favorite paddling photo each Friday!

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  1. I just may have to head on over to Beaverdam this weekend. Looking for an excuse to jump in the 'yak and paddle for a while. Fall colors is as good as any!

  2. Stuart - It's always better on the water! I plan to paddle Lake Holt (Butner) this weekend... and check out the fall colors myself!

  3. Great shot Mike. From this photo, Beaver Dam Lake reminds me of Keystone Lake here in Western PA. I'll bet it's really beautiful in the Fall when the leaves change color.

  4. Hey Mark! I am looking forward to the fall colors on Beaver Dam Lake! Aren't you and your wife Robbin about to set off on a trip to Nags Head? Cousin's wedding? Hopefully you will get in some paddling? I'm looking forward to reading all about your sea kayaking on your blog "Rambling On" soon!


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