Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aquafusion Kayaks - Great Customer Service Experience!

I mentioned in my blog post "Installing Kayak Seat Cushions - An Easy Project", that Aquafusion had sent me the wrong size plastic fasteners... necessitating a trip to my local hardware store to purchase the correct ones. I also sent an email to John Kleiber, Aquafusion... explaining the mix up. I received the following email from John today:

"Hi Mike, Well, that’s an extra pain in the butt you didn’t need. My apologies, it was entirely my fault. The fasteners were the correct size, but I gave you the wrong drill bit size. It was supposed to be 3/16”. I refunded your entire purchase back to your VISA. Hope you get many years of happiness out of your Liberty." - Yours, John Kleiber

Now... that is what I call "superior and excellent" customer service! :-) Many thanks to John and the fine folks at Aquafusion! You just made a customer for life!

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