Saturday, September 18, 2010

Waterways - Cleaning Up Falls and Jordan Lakes

I just received my city water bill... too high! :-( ... note to self, "remind" teenage son to stop taking such long AM showers. I usually throw out the 1-2 sheets of marketing and positive spin literature that accompany my water bill... but this time the title ... "Waterways - Cleaning up Falls and Jordan Lakes... caught my attention. Since both waterways are paddling "haunts" for Durhamblogger... I read on.

"Falls Lake and Jordan Lake are reservoirs that serve as major regional drinking water sources. They were both built for flood and drought control but have become key for water supply to a growing Triangle. The same growth that increases the need for these reservoirs has brought more sources of pollution that threaten the water quality of the lakes. Because of these concerns, the NC General Assembly passed Jordan Lake Rules in 2009. In addition, the state is now working to finalize Falls Lake Rules.

Both sets of rules focus on reducing nutrients going into the lakes. Nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous feed algal growth. Too much algae results in higher costs to treat drinking water and problems for fish and wildlife. The nutrient reductions required under the new rules are big: 30% nitrogen and 5% phosphorus for Jordan Lake, 40% nitrogen and 77% phosphorous for Falls Lake." - Waterways Volume 14, Number 1: July 2010

Here's the kicker...

"Initial cost estimates for the City of Durham's portion of cleanup for Falls and Jordan Lakes are over a billion dollars. That is $10,000 per household over twenty years."

Yikes! :-O But, since Durham is one of the cities responsible for "messing up" these beautiful lakes... then ...IMO we (Durham residents) need to do our part to "clean this mess up."

What you can do to help

Adopt a stream
Join a stream clean up
Test your soil
Fertilize less
Plant a rain garden
Wash your car at the car wash
Plant trees and bushes along creeks

For more information:

State plans to clean up Falls and Jordan Lakes:

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