Saturday, September 11, 2010

Return to Sandling Beach, Falls Lake

9/11/2010 - Sandling Beach (Falls Lake), Wake Forest, NC

I really enjoyed our last outing to Sandling Beach on Labor Day... so decided to give it another "go" this weekend! Rachel wanted to hit the Durham Farmers Market early Saturday morning and our friend Carol also went with us. So, we were not able to make a break for Sandling Beach until late morning. Even with a late start to Falls Lake, we enjoyed nice paddling weather... temperatures in the low 70's, winds light and variable, and overcast skies.

When we arrived at the park, shelters #1-5 were reserved for large parties, so we decided to try shelter #6. There was a small beach area located down from the shelter that looked like a good put in area. The lake bottom dropped off quickly from this point, so we only had to "walk" the kayak 10 feet or so to launch.

Another advantage of using shelter #6 was the short distance from the parking lot to the beach.

Once again, like on Labor Day, we had the entire shelter and parking lot to ourselves!

View from our put in area. Swollen, rain-laden clouds kept the sun obscured and temperatures low. Rain did move into the area after we had finished our paddle several hours later. Timing is everything!

Looking SE from our put in area. When we launched, we paddled SE hugging the shoreline. There were a number of fast moving power boats towing rafts and cruising along Falls Lake that we wanted to avoid.

Here is shelter #4 where Rachel and I put in on Labor Day. Quite a difference from 5 days ago! Today, there was a full swing cookout and party underway. I estimated there were over 75 folks having a "good old time" at shelter #4!

We passed the designated swim area at Falls Lake. Not much activity here today.

An empty nest platform... maybe for osprey or eagles?

Rachel in her front seat. Note the wind whipping her hair. The wind increased in strength while we paddled and the chop created by numerous boat wakes made for a rather "wet" paddle!

Remains of an observation platform. Just the poles were visible.

Here is the concrete and steel structure on the land side of the observation platform. The poles (in the above photo) were located approximately 30 feet away in the lake waters.

The next two photos depict some of the most unusual erosion effects I have ever seen on dead trees. Rachel nicknamed them the "dancing trees." This shape looks like a walking torso with a deer's head (complete with horns) hanging straight down.

This "dancing tree" shape looks like a torso with its right leg kicking straight out!

Falls Lake beauty shot. Enjoy!

We noted some trees that were starting to change color, signalling that Fall is just around the corner.

Another Falls Lake beauty shot.
Another wonderful paddle at Falls Lake! I hope to take a "snow day" during the work week of September 13th... so I can take an extra long paddle on this beautiful lake! I'll let you know! ;-)


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