Monday, September 20, 2010

New Addition to Durhamblogger Flotilla!

Yep! I went and did it! ;-) Meet the newest addition to the Durhamblogger flotilla!

A "beauty" if I say so myself!

Many thanks to Banks Dixon and the fine folks at Frog Hollow Outdoors for working with me to provide a GREAT deal in a used kayak... and skirt! Durhamblogger gives them two thumbs up!

Test paddle in the mill pond behind the dam at West Point on the Eno.

The Liberty 13 tracked well and was very responsive. Having done the majority of my paddling in tandem kayaks... it was like paddling a sports car... fast and limber! ;-)

Rachel in the cockpit.

Banks Dixon showing yours truly how to "navigate" a kayak skirt.

I plan to paddle well into December... and the kayak skirt will be essential gear to keep the cold water out of the cockpit... and some of the warmth inside. Again, I'm very excited to be the proud owner of a Liberty 13... and having two kayak models in the Durhamblogger flotilla greatly expands the paddling opportunities! :-)


  1. Congratulations on the boat and remember two is generally just the start!

  2. Thanks! With colder weather approaching in a few months, many kayak outfitters are offering great deals on their used rental fleets! If you are even remotely considering a kayak purchase, you would do well to check them out!


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