Monday, September 13, 2010

Know Your Navigational Aids!

You are paddling in U.S. waters and come across the following navigational aid sign as you round the bend in a wide river.

What should you do?

#1. Ignore it and continue paddling

#2. Proceed, but be cautious of a potential hazard

#3. Keep out of area and turn around

What is the correct answer and why?

Understanding and obeying all navigational aids is very important for kayakers' safety!


  1. Answer is #3. Turn around, keep out. Symbol means "no boats."

  2. Way to go Ang! You were very quick with the correct answer on that one!

  3. Thanks. I didn't know that. You're right. We need to learn navigational aids just like boaters. But, I'm still wondering why the sign doesn't contain a few words to let me know why I shouldn't continue paddling there. I understand it when I'm paddling on a river that borders Canada and the US.

  4. When I first started paddling, I would come across various navigational aids in the water and had no idea of their purpose! Got me investigating and what I learned I shared with Durhamblogger readers in a contest. Maybe make learning a little more fun?


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