Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kayak Pick-Up from Frog Hollow Outdoors

While I agreed to purchase the Aquafusion Liberty 13 and conducted a test paddle with it on Sunday, Sept. 19... I did not receive delivery of it until today. Banks Dixon, owner of Frog Hollow Outdoors, insisted that the used Liberty 13 (from his rental fleet of kayaks) be cleaned up before selling it to me. Who am I to say "no" to that kind offer! ;-) A few phone calls with the friendly folks at Frog Hollow Outdoors and I arranged to meet Banks at his shop late Sunday morning to finalize the sale and to pick-up my "new" used kayak!

Frog Hollow Outdoors shop in Durham. Durhamblogger gives Banks Dixon and the friendly folks at Frog Hollow Outdoors two thumbs up for great deals... great service... and friendly, informative paddling advice!
Inside Frog Hollow Outdoors. Rachel in the background examining one of the small whitewater kayaks. My Liberty 13 is the yellow kayak in the foreground.

Yours truly and Banks Dixon "sealing" the deal!

"Dramatic" photo angle... the Liberty 13 in transport mode. :-O

The Durhamblogger flotilla! My wife reminded me that we will need to purchase another paddle! Duh! Oh well, looks like another kayak gear purchase in the near future!

Looking to get my new "sleek beast" out to put her through the paces the first week in October! Stay tuned. Much more to come.

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