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Paddling on the Pamunkey River

7/30/2010 - Pamunkey River, Mechanicsville, VA

Hi everyone! My family visited some close friends in Mechanicsville, VA who also live within a few hundred yards of the Pamunkey River. So, with paddling always top of mind... Rachel and I "squeezed" in a paddling adventure early Friday morning! Friday saw temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80's, a light breeze and moderate humidity... nice paddling conditions.

Put in area was a neighbor's backyard that backed up to a small creek that emptied into the Pamunkey River. This family had a flotilla of kayaks to choose from! :-)
Our friends had a pair of these small Otter kayak models that were just under 10 feet in length. Rachel and I decided to paddle the Otters... mainly because of their large, roomy cockpits... and our long feet!

Beautiful view from the creek bank. The neighbors had a floating dock that was "most welcome" since it made getting in and exiting our kayaks much easier!

Large lily plant with some leaves over a foot in diameter.

We encountered several duck blinds on the Pamunkey River. Some; as in this photo, were elaborate enclosed structures equipped with built-in benches and small docks.

Another neighbor's dock with two boats moored nearby.

Rachel taking the lead as we paddle N on the Pamunkey River. The Pamunkey is a nice, wide river, with little pollution... and on this morning... we had most of it to ourselves!

I handed the camera to Rach... and she took a few photos of me as we paddled in formation.

Nice "close up" photo of yours truly! Determined look on my face!

We did encounter these two guys who were fishing... but other then that... we saw nobody else as we "rolled down" the river. It was a "work day" for most folks.

Spotted this inviting hammock on another boat dock.

This boat house had a wench assembly strong enough to suspend this large pontoon boat out of the water.

Near another dock, I spotted at least 8 tree trunks with new growth sprouting from their tops. If you look closely (Click on the photo to enlarge) you will also see a solar powered light mounted in the tree trunk framed in the middle of this photo. The light is to illuminate these boat hazards in either dim light conditions or at night.

Beautiful Pamunkey River!

A large fern bush growing by the river's edge.

Here is the most elaborate dock "compound" we encountered on the river. It came complete with two boat houses, a gazebo, and concrete steps cut into the hill, that descended to a 30 foot plus dock area. The house on the hill top is known as the "white mansion" by local residents.

A "beauty" shot! Enjoy!

The remains of a duck blind.

Rachel leading us down a small inlet off the main river channel.

Gorgeous cloud formations!

Another dock on the river. Note the corn field that grows within a few hundred feet of the water's edge.

We had a nice 3 hour paddle on a beautiful summer morning! This is what paddling is all about... slowing down... enjoying ourselves... and getting up close and personal with nature. Remember to always take life one stroke at a time! Rachel and I certainly did this weekend on the Pamunkey River! ;-)

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