Saturday, August 14, 2010

Paddling on Lake Holt

8/14/2010 - Lake Holt, Butner, NC

I was fully recovered from my flu bout this weekend... so Rachel and I decided to get in a short paddle Saturday morning. Saturday morning was overcast, 85 degrees, moderate humidity, and a slight breeze. Nice paddling conditions... especially with the cloud cover that kept us from roasting in the sun! :-) We drove 20 minutes east to the town of Butner to put in at Lake Holt.

Put in at Lake Holt. Overcast and there was a slight breeze out of the SE.

Lots of fishing boat traffic on the lake. When I signed in at the concession / tackle building and paid my very reasonable $3.00 put in fee, I noted that many fishermen had arrived as early as 6:00AM. We got there at a more reasonable 9:00AM.

Spotted this blue heron perched on a dead tree limb. I got a few shots of the bird before it flew off down the shoreline.

Overcast and dark for our entire paddle...

... with a few glimpses of sunlight behind the low lying clouds.

Approaching a bridge near the Butner military reservation.

There were plenty of these "colorful" orange signs warning folks to stay in their boats and not to wander off into the military reservation forest that bordered Lake Holt. Rachel and I stayed in our kayak too! ;-)

Here was a road that "emptied" into the lake waters, obviously for the launching of watercraft.

We spotted these interesting rock formations on our return leg.

Rachel and I had a nice, 2 hour paddle at Lake Holt. It was fun to get out on the water together again... and much of our paddle was chatting with each other... and digging hard to get in a good workout. A tandem kayak can really "move" when both paddlers work together... and with current and wind also helping out! We are thankful to have so many wonderful paddling areas within a one hour drive of our home!

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