Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Sea Sick - Just Sick!

I had every intention of paddling this past weekend... but unfortunately, my body did not cooperate with me! :-( Friday morning I awoke with dull throbbing pains in my joints and lower back. Initially, I dismissed these as just "aches and pains" of being 50... but after mowing my front yard later that morning... I also had a full blown fever too! My symptoms got worst as the day got long... but you'll thank me if I spare you all the gory details? So, I became an involuntary "couch potato" that weekend... drinking lots of fluids... popping a bunch of aspirin... snoozing a lot... and watching many reels of John Wayne movies. Thankfully... by Sunday afternoon, the worst was past me... and I recovered enough to be able to return to work today! Oh boy! ;-) I'm looking forward to THIS weekend... when again I make some more paddling plans! Stay tuned. More to come.

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