Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beaver Dam Lake - I Don't get Tired of it!

7/18/2010 - Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC

Back in the kayak cockpit again! Sunday weather forecast was for temperatures in the low 90's with winds SSW at 5-10mph, humid and a 30% chance of rain, mainly in the afternoon. I decided to do an early morning paddle to beat both the heat and weekend crowds while minimizing any thunderstorm encounters. It was a little TOO early for Rachel... so while she turned over in bed to get more sack time... I was up and on the road... to one of my favorite put in areas... Beaver Dam Lake! :-)

Early morning looking E over my house roof. Going to be a good day cause I was going paddling! ;-)

Heavy cloud formations with a hint of rain as I put in at Beaver Dam Lake and paddled SE.

I paddled up a small cove to explore and spotted this dog on the shoreline. He scampered up and down the lake bank, watched me for a time, and then trotted off into the woods.

Nice view of the lake as I exited the cove.

Here is an example of what NOT to do when paddling. This fellow was not wearing a PFD. I saw several other yakers and canoeists on the lake this morning who were not wearing PFDs... one canoe had two women and a young child in it... with no PFDs in sight! Why do people take such risks?

At times, I was battling a 10-13mph head wind... at other times, the breeze dropped to a dead calm, as in this photo.

Message to "Mr. Bubba" (where ever he may be) who decided to leave this ruined camp chair at the water's edge... how about coming back and disposing of it properly?

Paddlers need to be careful when following the shoreline. I encountered this discarded fishing lure with hook still attached, snagged in the brush. This "lost" fishing tackle can be hazardous and deadly to wildlife.

I spotted this heron "marching" through the aquatic foliage looking for breakfast. It soon spied a small minnow and snared the fish with its beak. One quick gulp, and the heron was back on the march for more prey.

A Beaver Dam Lake "beauty" shot!

A small holly bush, growing in an otherwise bare patch of ground, near the lake waters.

I landed here to stretch my legs, and eat a quick snack.

On my return to the boat ramps, activity had picked up. This fellow was getting ready to launch a Sunfish sail boat. Another person was preparing the yellow kayak to put in... and three other folks had just launched and were paddling up the lake. Busy late morning activity at the put in area!

I had a good 3 hour paddle this morning and felt like I had exercised all my essential paddling muscles!

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