Saturday, July 3, 2010

After a Long Absence - Return to Lake Michie

7/03/2010 - Lake Michie, Durham, NC

I was able to get a paddle in at the start of the July 4th holiday weekend with a return to Lake Michie. The last time I had paddled Lake Michie was back in October 2009. Saturday morning saw temperatures in the mid 70's, sunny, and winds light and variable... ideal yaking weather! Unfortunately, Rachel's back was sore and she was unable to join me.

View looking SW from the Lake Michie boat ramp. The attendent was going to charge me $6.00 to put in... but I talked him down to $5.00! IMO, a non-motorized, non-fishing craft (e.g. kayak or canoe) should not be charged the same fee that fishermen are charged to launch their motor boats.

I overheard this couple arguing loudly. The guy did not seem to have much experience with either hauling boat trailers or launching from ramps... so decided to take it out on his wife. Hopefully, their day got better after getting out in the water.

Parking lot "full up" with trucks and boat trailers. It was, after all, July 4th weekend.

After waiting for the ramp to clear... I launched and headed S on the lake.

Spotted this turtle sunning himself on a half submerged log.

And saw this pair of geese in a quiet cove.

Trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans)

This buoy was "anchored" only a few feet from shore and had a "Congested Area" label. I assume this was to warn powered craft not to anchor or venture too close to shore in this cove.

Beautiful Lake Michie on a warm and sunny July morning! :-)

My first glimpse of "Mike's Island" in over 9 months.

I landed on Mike's Island to stretch my legs, take a bio break, and have a quick snack.

View looking E from the island.

View looking W from the island.

Heading back to the put in area. Beautiful cloud formations... and beautiful paddling conditions on Lake Michie. Another fun paddling adventure... and happy yaker! ;-)


  1. That morning glory flower looks more like a trumpet creeper.

  2. Hi Rob! You are correct! It is the trumpet creeper (campsis radicans). Would also appreciate it if you would share some of your wild flower guide information sources. I'm still "new" to identifying plants.


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