Sunday, June 13, 2010

Three is the Charm? Back to Beaver Dam Lake!

6/13/2010 - Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC

I was skeptical about getting another paddle in prior to the week of June 13th. After this weekend, both Rachel and I would be tied up with other domestic duties and obligations for the remainder of June. But, my wife suggested a paddle on Sunday morning... and who am I to say "no" to that request! ;-) Sunday morning was mostly sunny, temperatures in the low 70's, humid, and winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%. We returned to Beaver Dam Lake... a favorite haunt of mine.

There was no attendant at the entrance booth... so no park access fee today! Put in was at the Beaver Dam Lake boat ramp. The beach beside the boat ramp was deserted, except for a family of geese, early Sunday morning.

I spied this couple near the boat ramp... using a stand-on-top kayak (surfboard?) and a more traditional sit-in model. I'll pass on the stand-on-top model... too much work for my liking!

Always a welcome sight... Rachel occupying the front seat of our tandem kayak.

We spied this heron perched in a dead tree near the water's edge. He was still there 1.5 hours later when we passed by on our return leg.

We paddled NE. Rachel wanted a "go" at looking for bald eagles. Here we approach the Old Weaver Trail bridge. It was a tough paddle with both wind and current against us. Also, the humidity was high. Sweat was streaming down my face and stinging my eyes. Several times I had to stop paddling to wipe the sweat from my face. I plan to invest in a sweat band and bring extra towels on our next paddle.

Gorgeous photo of sunlight filtering through the trees along the shoreline!

We paddled near the swamp on the far side of the Old Weaver Trail bridge, but did not spot any bald eagles... or much other bird life for that matter. It was getting really hot on the water late morning, especially when the wind died down and we experienced these "dead" calm water conditions!

On our return paddle, we passed several yakers. Rachel and I got in a good workout and had a fun time on the water. And that's what it is all about... having fun and enjoying nature.

Hope to return to paddling soon. Wonder where our next paddling adventure will take us?


  1. you should try Little River lake in northern Durham, you may have seen it on your way to lake Michie, they don't allow any gas motors on the lake so it should be a nice trip, the boat ramp is on orange factory road.

  2. Hi Travis: Actually, I stopped by Little River Lake... on one of my trips to Lake Michie... but the attendant would not let me launch from the boat ramp... unless I rented a boat from him! Seems personal water craft are NOT allowed, but rental boats are! :-O Makes no sense to me... but there you have it!

  3. thats crazy, when little river is flood stage you can put in on johnson mill rd and get a free trip down to the lake, check out flat river and little river are class three and four

  4. Travis: Thank you very much for this information! I'll have to check it out!


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