Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back from Dulac!

Hi everyone! Another "non-kayak" post... but an important one of helping others. I just returned from a week-long mission trip. I thank the Lord for a safe and productive mission trip to Dulac, Louisiana! All honor and glory is His!

We divided our group into two work teams to enable us to work in two houses. We hung sheet rock… pulled out sub-flooring… sanded floors… stripped linoleum… installed a bath tub… hung a light/fan unit… constructed closet shelving… repaired fascia board… cleaned and reorganized a tool shed… etc.

Work conditions were challenging. Temperatures in the mid 90’s F… heat indices over 100 degrees F… 80% - 90% humidity levels… wearing nose filters while using belt sanders on a kitchen floor… so much dirt and sweat on your clothes that the material clings to your body like a second skin.

But it was the people of Dulac… the folks we met and helped that I will most remember! The smiles… the thanks… listening to their stories and struggles… these are the thoughts that will remain with me forever!

So… for a brief moment and time… a difference was made in the lives of folks who struggle on a daily basis… and for that, I am extremely honored and grateful to have played a small part in it.

Peace and blessings to the people of Dulac, Louisiana!

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