Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not the Best Time at Lake Rogers

5/15/10 - Lake Rogers, Creedmoor, NC

Hi everyone. This Saturday was suppose to be a "none paddling" day because of other planned activities. But, early afternoon, a couple of "free" hours opened up... so both Rachel and I decided to get in a short paddle. We drove 20 minutes north to Creedmoor. That's when things started to go "wrong." Our late start meant we would be paddling in the heat of the day... and Saturday early afternoon, temperatures were in the low to mid 90's under a cloudless day. It was really hot!

Put in was at the Lake Rogers boat ramp. An unpleasant surprise for us... the town of Creedmoor had decided to initiate launch fees... and our kayak cost us $6.00 to launch! I thought the price was a little steep.

Just after put in, we spotted this heron. I handed the camera to Rachel, who was sitting in the front seat, and she took this photo before the bird flew away.

Then disaster struck! Not even 30 minutes after put in, my paddle snapped into two pieces! :-( There was little current, no wind, and we were maintaining a moderate pace. Looks like the metal was fatigued, became brittle, and then just gave way. We had no spare other then Rachel's paddle. We immediately became underpowered trying to propel a tandem kayak with two adults in it. We had no choice, but to abort our paddle and return to the boat ramp. We made it back with no further mishaps. Both sets of paddles and kayak were purchased "used" last year, so I had no idea what was the actual paddle "age." I had intended to purchase a "new" paddle in the next few weeks... and then use my original paddle as a "spare." I'm going to have to "accelerate" that new paddle purchase now.

It was a disappointing paddling afternoon filled with mistakes and mishaps. We tried to "throw together" a paddle at the last minute, had to pay a high launch fee, put in during the heat of the day, then have my paddle snap in two less then 30 minutes in the water, and with no spare! Dang!

I told my wife, as we loaded the kayak into the back of my truck for the trip home, "I guess you have to experience bad paddling days like this one to appreciate the good ones!"

We'll be back on the water soon... both a little wiser. Stay tuned.

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