Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Paddle at Lake Holt!

5/23/2010 - Lake Holt, Butner, NC

Howdy! It was not a promising start for Sunday morning with skies being overcast and dark. After 8:00 am, the rains came and at times were very heavy. I was anxiously scanning both the radar and hourly forecasts, for a break... and by 9:30 am the rains stopped... by 10:30 am the radar showed clear... and a little after 11:00 am I was on the road to Butner with my kayak in the back of my truck! :-)

Put in was at the Lake Holt boat ramp and cost only $3.00, a much more reasonable fee then what was charged last week at Lake Rogers - $6.00! Water levels were very high because of the recent rainfall. In fact, water levels were so high, that the boat ramp was submerged under water and water was lapping into the parking lot.
It was dead calm at put in. The lake water surface was like a fine sheet of glass. There was not a ripple stirring the water. I had never seen the lake waters so calm.

Saw some folks fishing near the boat ramp. They told me the fish were not biting today.

Again, calm and very humid conditions. The sun would occasionally break through the cloud cover and reflect off the water.

Spied two turkey vultures feasting on an animal carcass that was hidden from my sight in the bushes below. Some things are best not seen... or smelled? I did not investigate any further.

I paddled up a small inlet to get a view of the dam spillway... and yep, there was a lot of water "spilling" over it. I heard the rushing water at least 200 hundred yards away before sighting the spillway.

Beautiful view looking back up the inlet toward the larger area of the lake. There was a fishing tournament underway at Lake Holt over the weekend. Can you spot the fishing boat in this photo?
Once in a while, blue sky would peek out from the cloud cover. But, I kept an "eye-to-the-sky" because the forecast called for thunderstorms developing by early afternoon.

I had the pleasure to meet a nice fellow named Robert during my paddle. He was an interesting man... and we had time while we paddled, and floated together to solve most of the world's problems. If we had only a few more minutes... they all would have been solved! ;-)
I commented on Robert's boat and he explained to me that most of it is his design! The two pontoons were added to improve stability and allows him to walk from bow to stern without the boat tipping over. Robert not only shared his wisdom with me... but also an oatmeal raisin cookie from Subway... yum! Thanks Robert! He gave me lots of suggestions on other water areas to paddle. I thanked him and asked that he comment on Durhamblogger and leave some of those great paddling ideas here too! I hope to run into him again on the water soon.

One sad note to my paddle. Near the end of my outward bound trip, I came across this "thing" half submerged and rusting by the water's edge. I don't know what this "thing" once was... but I do know that it does not belong where it is now. Sad how some folks think nothing of polluting our waterways.
But all and all... it was another great day on the water. There are no two ways about it... I would rather be paddling! :-) Talk to you all again soon.

P.S. My new paddle was wonderful... light weight, yet strong! It will help to reduce fatigue on any length paddling trip.

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