Friday, May 7, 2010

Durhamblogger - Trying to Keep Things Tidy!

As more folks become Durhamblogger Followers... and more world-wide visitors stop by... over 1,700 visits and counting!... it is even more important to keep things here at Durhamblogger "fresh" and "new."

You have my assurance that I'll do my best to keep the content from getting stale. :-)

But I always want to hear from readers!

So... if you have a paddling adventure to share, comments to make, or want to let folks know about that next "kool" must-have kayak gear item... then leave your comments or drop me a line... and I'll see about getting it posted to Durhamblogger!

Reader comments and involvement are what make Durhamblogger a special place!

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