Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deck Bag - Dynamite or Dud?

Hi everyone! Since my recreational tandem kayak has neither bulkheads or dry hatches... I'm always on the look out for "creative" ways to carry valuable gear... like cell phones, cameras, GPS, and food ;-). I came across this Seattle Sports Deck Bag at REI recently. It has some nice features like a clear window to help locate items, reflective patch to improve your visibility, and even has a lash tab for an optional strobe light.

Bag dimensions (14x13x6 inches) so while roomy enough for smaller items... you are still going to have to lash larger gear like spare paddles, bilge pumps, and paddle floats directly to the deck shock cords.

But customer reviews were mixed on it. Some liked the deck bag... but there were several negative comments focused on the lack of craftsmanship... especially with seams and water proofing.

I'm not "sold" on this deck bag just yet. Not sure if folks are reacting negatively to the construction of this deck bag by Seattle Sports... or are deck bags in general not a good cargo option? Would like to get some feedback before I pluck down the cash.

Anyone use a deck bag?

What was your experience with it?

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