Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yee Haw! River Paddle Background

Howdy everyone! Rachel and I had such a great time at the recent 3rd Annual Yee Haw! River Paddle... it got me thinking about the origins of this paddle event. So, I reached out to Brian Baker, Upper Haw River Trail Coordinator, and asked him about the background.

"I am happy to help you with the background of the paddle. It’s a long and convoluted story, so Ill give you the highlights and you can call me to talk about it whenever is convenient for you. Basically, a county employee happened upon a large paddle event on the Staunton River in Virginia. He met with me and a few other folks from the department to see if we could do something like that. For some reason- we decided to take it on as a fundraiser. We were originally planning to call it the Flotilla, or the Armada or something like that. We eventually realized no one would know what a flotilla was, so we decided on the Yee-Haw! River Paddle. The event has been a cooperative effort between Burlington, Graham, Alamance County and local business every year and we have made at least $1,000 each year." - Brian Baker

So there you have it! A good idea transformed into a great event! ;-)

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