Monday, April 19, 2010

A Tragic Reminder to Always Wear Your PFD

My heart breaks when I read this tragic news. It happened this past Saturday at High Rock Lake in North Carolina.

"This was a preventable accident by the simple fact of having life preservers on the boat," Sgt. Anthony Sharum said.

There was an off-duty officer fishing nearby... and even though he arrived on the scene in less then a minute... there was nothing he could do to help the victims.

Please... don't just "have" PFDs on the boat... "wear" them! PFDs will not help you unless you wear them!

The majority of fishermen I come across when I paddle do not wear PFDs... and most likely, don't carry them in their boats. I'll never understand this mentality. My prayers go out to this family... and the forty-odd number of folks who witnessed this tragedy.


  1. What was the water temperature?

  2. Rob: The water temperature was 67 degrees F and there was a swift moving current that pulled both victims away from their boat. They were approximately 300 yards from shore. Neither the son or father were wearing PFDs and there were no PFDs on the boat. It was also unclear if either victim knew how to swim. Tragic.


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