Friday, April 23, 2010

Paddling at Three Rivers Area

4/23/2010 - Three Rivers Area, Durham, NC

Hey everyone! After a 3-day certification question development workshop (don't ask!), and trying to keep up with my regular "day" job, I felt pretty burned out... so I took a half day off Friday. And guess what? I decided to go paddling! ;-) Friday afternoon was cloudy, with a light breeze, and temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's. Nice paddling conditions. I decided to explore the Three Rivers area which is named for the three rivers (Eno, Flat, and Neuse), that empty into Falls Lake. Rachel had to work the entire day and was unable to join me on this adventure.

Put in was the Eno River boat ramp. I started out paddling east on the Eno River and then north toward the Flat River.
Passed another yaker who alerted me to this heron who was standing on a tree branch that jutted out over the water.
The heron flew ahead of my boat and landed on this tree stump directly in my path. (Reminder - click on the photos to enlarge them)
Once I made the turn off the Eno River, I paddled east on the Flat River for approximately 100 yards and then entered Cut Through Creek. I spotted a turtle sunning himself on a half submerged tree stump.
Crossed under the powerlines that support the electrical grid for the Durham area. Must have been quite an undertaking to sink these massive supports into this soft and swampy area of Cut Through Creek!
Small aquatic plants that formed green "highways" on the water surface. The water level was very low and I had to guard against getting stuck in the soft mud.
Reaching the end of Cut Through Creek... and getting ready to enter...
... the Fingers area, so named because the two bodies of water in this region look like "fingers" when viewed on a map or from the air.
Massive erosion damage to the tree. It will soon topple into the water.
I paddled north-east through the Fingers area and entered the Neuse River. I traveled east for about 1/2 mile and came to what is called the Swampy Loop.
Here, the Neuse River widens with many swampy areas and...
... also with some significant wider bodies of water too. I passed a few fishermen in small boats here.
On my return leg, I spotted this huge bird's (eagle?) nest a top one of the powerline towers. I estimated the nest to be approximately 6 - 10 feet in diameter!

Another fun... and much needed paddling adventure! Hope to return to the Three Rivers area soon. There are a lot of waterways to explore here!

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