Saturday, April 17, 2010

All Loaded Up, But No Where to Go!

Hey everyone! Saturday started out on a high note, but ended with a let down. :-( Rachel and I had planned to paddle the Eno River and travel east to explore the three rivers area (Eno, Flat, and Neuse Rivers). I loaded our kayak into the back of my pick-up truck that morning with the plan to leave right after lunch. But, the weather did not cooperate with us! The day started off partly cloudy with temperatures in the low 70's... but as the morning passed... the clouds thickened and the wind increased and started gusting. I checked the weather radar, and we had a cold front moving through the area with 15-25 mph winds! :-0 It was a "no go" in my book. So, I ended up spending the afternoon hauling stuff around in my truck... another fun pastime, but no substitute for paddling!

All loaded up, but sadly not able to put in.
Threatening weather approaching.

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