Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paddling on Lake Holt

3/6/2010 - Lake Holt, Butner, NC

Back in the kayak cockpit again! :-) Saturday was sunny with temperatures in the mid-50's, and I was not going to waste such a day at home! The morning was filled with "domestic" chores... but right after lunch, I loaded the kayak into the back of my truck and headed 20 minutes up Old Oxford Highway to Lake Holt.

Put in was at the Lake Holt boat ramp. The weatherman had called for light winds of 5-10 mph, but at launch the wind was blowing rather "stiffly." I encountered some light chop as I headed out into the lake.
There were a number of fishermen speeding about, so I kept close to the shoreline and decided to explore some quiet coves off the main waters. Hugging the shore also helped reduce the wind and made paddling easier.

I paddled west down this small cove...

... and discovered these interesting rock formations. The slopes are rather steep in many places and both wind and water erosion have exposed a lot of rock face.

Here is a close up of a 5-6 foot boulder.

Beautiful view looking east from another small cove.

I darted out when there was no boat traffic and crossed over Lake Holt to the eastern shore. I decided to paddle down this inlet.

The waterway quickly narrowed...

... with trees forming a canopy over the water.

The cove narrowed to no more then 20 feet from bank to bank. The water at this point was about 1 foot deep and I could easily see the muddy bottom. I was careful so as not to get stuck!

Another nice view paddling west toward the main lake.

It was a beautiful, sunny day with a vivid blue sky...

... and sunlight reflecting off the water surface.
Another restful and enjoyable paddling adventure!

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