Monday, March 15, 2010

And Now... the Rest of the Story

... As the late, great radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey used to say. Back in Dec 2009, in my paddling adventure titled Paddling on the Eno River - Yes! I told of meeting a fellow yaker... also named Mike... who was "escorting" an intoxicated couple down the river to Penny's Bend. And now... the rest of the story. My wife and I were invited to a special "pre" St. Patrick's Day celebration at The Eno River Eatery on Sunday (3/14/10) located just down the road from my house. Shortly after we had arrived, I noticed a tall bearded fellow come in and he sat four seats down from us. It was Mike! I struck up a conversation with him and he filled me in what took place after I had left the small flotilla on that sunny, but chilly day in Dec 2009. Mike told me that 45 minutes into the paddle, the young man went "duck" again... this time wearing his leather jacket! So the fellow ruined his jacket and they had to abort the paddle trip since he had brought only one change of clothes. :-( Mike indicated that by the time they returned to their put in area at the Eno River Boat Ramp, the young man was shivering badly and his lips had turned blue.

Again, this is a "perfect" example of what NOT to do when you go paddling. Enough said.

Mike did bring up the idea of a moonlight paddle as the weather keeps warming and we start to get into the spring months. Hopefully, it will be warm enough then that Rachel will be able to join me too. I agreed with Mike's "plan" and thought that would be a perfect opportunity to test out my Kayalite Deck and Stern Light! :-) See... it all works out in the end? Stay tuned for more paddling adventures.

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