Friday, February 19, 2010

Kayalite Deck & Stern Light: Review - Installation

Kayalite Deck and Stern Light
General Specifications: Height: 18 inches / Weight: 10 oz.

Here is Part #2 of my Kayalite review in which I install the eyebolt to my kayak's stern.

First, I located where I wanted the eyebolt and then used the 1/4 inch drill bit to make the hole. It took very little effort and it made a clean opening.

Then I inserted the eyebolt and screwed down the nut on the underside of the stern deck.

Next, I attached the bungee clip to the eyebolt, pulled the cable taunt and cinched it to the molded cleat on the base pole.

This is a secure and flexible mount that will "bend" or move if a low hanging branch or paddle strikes it, but with the added security that it is attached to your kayak's stern via the eyebolt and bungee clip. I believe this design to be superior to either suction-cup or rigid mounts.

It was a quick and easy installation that took me less then 15 minutes to complete. Now I have a gear hardware attachment that will allow me to quickly set-up the Kayalite for some dusk paddling or I can utilize it to attach other gear. Next, a dusk paddle! Stay tuned.

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