Monday, February 15, 2010

Kayalite Deck & Stern Light: Review - Initial Impressions

Kayalite Deck and Stern Light
General Specifications: Height: 18 inches / Weight: 10 oz.

I was impressed with the Kayalite Deck and Stern Light right out of the box.

It had a nice, solid feel to it. The light switch was a twist on / twist off mechanism that was easy to operate. The Kayalite unit had two built-in tie down fasteners - a 1 inch stainless steel ring attached to the light pole and a plastic cleat molded into the base pole - in addition to the primary bungee cord tether.

Kayalite features a two piece pole design.

The 18 inch height setting, (which is the Kayalite height spec), has a good fit to it.

The Kayalite base has a 4 inch diameter with a 1 inch thick foam collar.

The foam collar extends into the plastic base and has guide channels for the bungee cord tether.

Also, as promised, Steve Hollinger, president of Kayalu, shipped an eyebolt kit with the Kayalite. He even included a 1/4 inch drill bit!

Initial impressions are very favorable. Next step is to mount the Kayalite on my kayak's stern using the enclosed eyebolt kit. Stay tuned.

Steve Hollinger, president of Kayalu, response.

"Thank you for conducting such a thorough review of the Kayalite's construction.

Some initial comments...

1. The Kayalite always ships fully assembled. The Tektite is bolted in, and includes a heatshrink bushing to keep it extremely snug within the mast.

2. A drill bit is included with all of our Eyebolt Kits.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance with questions."

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