Monday, February 22, 2010

Hoofing at West Point on the Eno

Sunday (02/21/10) was another "picture perfect" day, partially sunny with temperatures in the low 60's. My mind was wrapping itself around another paddle adventure, but my wife had other plans! She was set for some hiking at West Point on the Eno. I tried to persuade her to go paddling with me, but she stated "I am not going to get wet or be cold... so no!" There are some battles worth fighting and there are others in which any "victory" is only a pyrrhic one! :-0 So, with that in mind... and scouting for my next paddling adventure, I agreed to go hiking with her. BTW, I had a great time! :-)

Here are the remains of an old cabin on the banks of the Eno River.
Eno River course just before it passes under both a pedestrian foot bridge and Roxboro Road highway bridge.

View of the Eno River (looking west) from the pedestrian bridge. Note the dam (rock formations background). My next paddling adventure, I plan to put in on the far side of the dam and paddle west.

View from the pedestrian bridge (looking east). When I last paddled at West Point on the Eno, I passed under both bridges paddling east on the river to Penny's Bend.

Photo of my wife Rachel looking west with a close up of the spillway and dam. Again, for my next paddling adventure, I will put in on the west side of this dam... not too close to the spillway, I might add! ;-)

A "busy" beaver's handiwork. Maybe the same fellow I spied on Saturday? Or a distant relative?

Eno River is broad running through the West Point on the Eno City Park. Looking forward to paddling on this section of the river soon!

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