Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Carolina Kayak Club - Newest Member!

Hi everyone! Well, I went and did it! I purchased a family membership ($30 for 1 year) with Carolina Kayak Club (CKC). and also became a member with Tarheel Paddlers Association (TPA).

CKC is based out of Raleigh and specializes in flatwater paddling while TPA's home is in Greensboro and members do mostly whitewater yaking. Both clubs have welcomed me with "open paddles" ;-) . However, based on my current skill level and paddling interests, I'll be initially looking to attend CKC sponsored activities - especially the CKC Symposium that will be held at Jordan Lake in May.

I believe joining these kayak clubs will be the catalyst to increasing my paddling skills and confidence levels while on the water. Getting to know more fellow kayakers, asking lots of questions, and paddling with like-minded folks will further my enjoyment of this great sport! Looking forward to fellowship and fun paddling adventures in 2010! :-)

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