Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Brief Look Back

Hi everyone! I'm dusting off some memories of my past paddling trips and thought it would be interesting to list my "Top 3" and why I chose them. Some of the pure enjoyment I get from kayaking, in addition to the upper body workout, is the joy of discovering what is around that next bend and experiencing the wonders of nature up close and personal.

Mike's Top 3 - at least for now! ;-)

1. Lake Michie You never forget your first kayaking trip... the joy of paddling and gliding over calm waters... sunlight dancing off the surface... sounds of the paddles rhythmically dipping into the water... and being able to experience it with my wife Rachel... made it extra special and very memorable!

2. Eno River Exploring a winding, calm river... making friends with a fellow kayaker... chatting and drifting with the current... all under a brilliant blue sky and wonderful cloud formations... made for another great experience!

3. Lake Holt Paddling at the peak of Autumn colors... seeing the trees and colors reflected off the calm waters... peaceful with not a soul around... sunlight gleaming through the clouds... made for another memorable paddling adventure!

But these are just a start and I'm looking forward to new and exciting paddling trips in 2010!

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