Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

Aside from my work schedule and COLD temperatures that have made for "less then ideal" paddling conditions during the past few weeks... here is a major reason I was unable to "put in" this weekend!

The Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina got hit with a big blast from Old Man Winter that translated to 6-8 inches of snow and sleet - thankfully no ice and we did not lose electricity. :-) The adverse weather necessitated that I had to bring in my kayak from its customary resting spot (concrete slab in the back yard) to a more sheltered area in my garage.

So you make due and cope with what life dishes out to you. It's nice to get a significant snow in this area that only causes a little inconvenience instead of major headaches! Here in the South, many people tend to think of snow as "white rain" and have no clue in how to safely drive in it. Best advice - stay off the roads folks and enjoy some down time! For me, I'm slowing down and relaxing during this life "pause," drinking lots of coffee and hot chocolate, and dreaming of warmer temperatures and a return to paddling soon!


  1. Drat! Seeing snow like that would be the major reason for me to get out and kayak. Bet it would be awesome to experience snow falling while kayaking. :)

  2. Hi Rob! Must be that Norwegian blood in you that so loves cold paddling weather! ;-) BTW, WRAL News reported that the state Highway Patrol responded to over 1,800 wrecks (mostly fender benders) this past weekend because of the snowy and icy roads! Adds credence to this paddling quote: "The drive to and from the river is your most deadly obstacle on a paddling trip. Watch out for road fatigue, poorly secured loads, bad roads and deer!" - Thomas P. Jones Indeed!


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