Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Next gear purchase - a PFD. It can save your life!

Hi everyone! One of my first kayak gear purchases in 2010 is going to be a new personal flotation device (PFD). My current PFD fits me fine, but I miss not having pockets. When I paddle, my digital camera, cell phone, and emergency whistle are all hung around my neck. I also keep both my camera and cell phone in dry gear bags. So at times, all that "neck gear" can get heavy and cumbersome!

But let me climb upon my safety "soap box" for a minute...

Wear a PFD at all times!

Lots of unforseen things can happen while you are on the water. Weather and water conditions can change rapidly. You can accidently hit your head during a "going duck" incident. You can meet up with intoxicated fellow paddlers ;-) , or slip into very cold water where hypothermia becomes a real danger. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) recommends that anyone operating a human-powered watercraft wear a PFD and all children under 13 wear one at all times while in a vessel.

Wear a PFD at all times!

Climbing down off my soap box now.

Okay, now for the PFDs. Here are some models under consideration:

What do you think of these models? Has anyone purchased a PFD recently? What did you look for in a PFD?

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