Monday, January 25, 2010

An Interview with Rob Nykvist - Kayaker & Durhamblogger Follower - Part 1

Rob Nykvist, kayaker, blogger, and Durhamblogger Follower, recently sat down with Durhamblogger to answer some questions on the great sport of kayaking. Here is Part 1 of a three part interview with Rob. (DUAC): "Give some of your paddling background and experience. When did you get started? What got you interested in paddling?"

Rob Nykvist: "My outdoor experiences have been associated with water going all the way back to childhood where we had a creek in our back yard. I rented my first canoe at about 13 years old and ended up buying one in my 20s. Sold it a few years later and started bicycling. Oddly enough, a large number of those bicycle trips always went by waterways. I tried out a kayak in 2001 and after some test rentals, bought one a few weeks later. In 2003 I bought my first pedal kayak and my bicycle has been gathering dust ever since then. Started sharing my kayaking adventures using Blogger in 2005. I still have the curiosity of a kid and stop frequently to watch the Nature Show from the kayak, some of which I try to capture with a photo or video and share with the internet audience."

DUAC: "What are some recommended paddling areas in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta?"

Rob Nykvist: "The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta encompasses a vast area about 400 square miles in size. Kayaking adventures in this area can range from clear waters along sandy coastal barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico, to open waters of Mobile Bay which harbors Gilliard Island, home to tens of thousands of pelicans, to grassy saltwater marshes and bays, from residential creeks to a busy shipping port, from wide flowing rivers with strong current to narrow streams in which the water doesn't move in hardwood forests that are so dense that you can't see the sun on a sunny day. There are over a hundred places to launch a kayak from in a 60 mile radius from Mobile. I recommend paddling the whole Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. After 9 years, I'm still exploring new waterways in the Delta. Recommended paddling areas? The Causeway (U.S. Highway 90), also called Battleship Parkway, is a favorite place that many kayakers launch from and for the upper Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, Rice Creek tends to be a favorite place to launch from. You can learn more about launch sites in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta by clicking here. Click on individual thumb tacks for more info. Some launch sites even have downloadable tracks that you can transfer to your GPS."

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