Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Return to the Eno River

12/30/09 - Eno River, Durham, NC

Howdy again from the kayak cockpit! ;-) Wednesday's weather was partly sunny, highs in the mid 40's, and southeast winds around 5mph. Good conditions for paddling! Put in was again at Eno River Boat Ramp at Falls Lake.

I headed west on the Eno River under partly cloudy conditions.
Temperatures were in the low 30's at the start of my paddle... and yep, that's ice floating in the water. Water temperature was in the low 40's. Burr!

Spotted this Blue Heron on my out bound leg. I think he was so cold that he did not bother to fly away. ;-) He allowed me to get quite close.

Conditions were rather "gloomy" during the first quarter of my paddling trip. The forecast was for "partly sunny" skies, but it was more like "partly cloudy" skies instead! 6 of one... half a dozen of another?

About halfway into the trip, it did become "partly sunny." The sun was a great relief because temperatures then quickly climbed into the mid 40's. Cloud formations were impressive and beautiful!

I love these tree silhouette shots against the deep blue sky and cloud formations! I don't get tired of taking these photos! :-)

Here an old growth dead tree's massive root system is exposed, a victim of water and wind erosion. It will soon topple into the Eno River.

Actually, the cloud formations were some of the more impressive sights during my Eno River paddling adventure.

And, so with this paddling trip on the Eno River, my 2009 paddling season comes to an end! :-( But I'm looking forward to new and exciting paddling adventures in 2010! :-)

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