Monday, December 28, 2009

Paddling on the Eno River - Yes!

12/28/09 - Eno River, Durham, NC

Hi everyone! Well, the second time must be the charm! Monday's weather was partly sunny with highs in the the mid 40's, winds increasing to northwest around 15mph with gusts up to 25mph. It was not ideal paddling conditions. I like the temperatures to be above 50 and less wind, but the long range forecast was not looking better, so... I returned to the Eno River and this time had a great 3 hour paddling trip!

Put in area at the Eno River Boat Ramp at Falls Lake. Note that the water is lower from two days ago (dock is no longer half submerged) and more importantly, the current was running much slower!
I headed west on the Eno River. I wanted to avoid the majority of motor boats that usually head east to the fishing spots. The river way is very narrow - some areas no more then 20 feet separate the banks.
Large tree trunks and debris that were washed up on the shore following the flooding from a few days ago. Many of these trees were over 20 feet with trunk diameters nearly 2 feet.
In some river bends, the wind gusts were more of a paddling factor. I had to dig hard to make this turn and keep my kayak's bow pointed into the wind. Majority of the paddle trip, the thick woods and foliage kept the wind down making for an enjoyable time! :-)
Approaching a highway bridge over the Eno River.
On the far side of the bridge, there was a huge field of wood and trash debris jammed up against the bridge pilings. I even saw a basketball floating in this "log jam." Hopefully, the high water levels will aid in allowing this debris field to move down river without damaging the bridge supports.

I met a fellow kayaker who was also named "Mike." ;-) He was a pleasant fellow and we had a good chat as we paddled and drifted down the river. Hopefully we will meet again on the Eno.

Mike was "escorting" a young couple who were visiting him from Florida. Unfortunately, the young couple was intoxicated and not wearing life jackets. At one point, the young man lost his balance and went "duck." Thankfully, he had brought a change of clothing. I was glad that Mike was with this couple or they could have gotten into a lot more trouble. Brilliant blue sky and good looking cloud formations.
A day paddling sure beats a day at the office! :-)
The white tree bark contrasted nicely with the blue sky. I love it!
Recent flooding has "bent over" some old growth trees.
"Beauty shot" - enjoy!


  1. Hi Durham Blogger,

    Checked out your page and really like it! Did not realize the area was so beautiful -- too bad idiots are everywhere and dirty up these beautiful areas.

    Your pictures are great and would make anyone want to visit. I really am impressed with your advice on taking care.

    Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

    J. Levesque - Chicago

    (Using someone else's computer - having a problem installing Quicktime on mine).

  2. Hi Julie! Thank you for the nice comments! North Carolina is blessed with many great paddling areas. I am thankful to be within 30 minutes driving distance to at least 4 lakes and 2 rivers! Please stop by often... and remember to "take life one stroke at a time."

  3. Hi, MIke!

    I didn't know you have another talent!!

    I love the pictures you have taken!!

  4. Hi Masayo! You use what you have been given? I am still amazed at what can be accomplished with a simple kayak and inexpensive digital camera! Thanks for your comments. I hope you will check back often. Safe travels in the new year.

  5. Intoxicated and no PFD? Some people have a death wish.

  6. Hi Rob. The young couple had no business being out on the Eno River... or any waterway for that matter. Again, I was thankful that Mike was "escorting" them and trying to keep them out of harm's way.

  7. Hi Mike,

    Found your blog from a Google alert on Eno River. I'm a volunteer with the NC Mountains to Sea Trail. I missed you by just a day.

    On 12/27 we were out planning a trail route on the south bank of the Eno river from Penny's Bend and Old Oxford Highway to Red Mill Rd. at the Eno River. I saw a lot of the same stuff you did except looking the other direction. No drunks though. :) There are some really nice views from the bluffs above the river just downstream from the abandoned railroad bridge.

    At this point, we almost have complete trail from Red Mill Rd. at the Eno River all the way to Falls Dam in Raleigh. Heading upstream westbound we'll eventually hit West Point on the Eno where we connect to Eno River State Park where we're build trail upstream and westward to Hillsborough.

    I once took a kayak trip from Penny's Bend to the Eno River Boat Ramp at Falls Lake. Need to do that more.


  8. p.s.

  9. Hi Arthur: Thank you very much for your comments! Sorry we missed each other on the Eno River. I'd like to try a Penny's Bend put in sometime. Maybe we can get together (when it gets warmer ;-) )and do some paddling together? I've added your "Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea" link to my NC Paddling Resources section. I want to explore the Website and learn more about this project! Can I get back to you with any questions? Here is my email: Thanks again Arthur for stopping by.


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