Friday, December 18, 2009

Kayak Care - Off Season

As "Old Man Winter" makes his presence known in December and the next several months here in the Southeast, it is time to prepare your kayak for off season storage. :-( Personally, I will continue to search for those weather "windows" that offer moderate temperatures and low breezes... but know that nastier (non-friendly kayaking weather) will be more the norm then the exception in North Carolina for the next several months. So maybe I'll consider my "at rest" kayak to be more "in season" then "off season" storage! ;-)

I discovered this Website to offer good tips and advice on kayak storage.

Currently, I store my tandem Mainstream Escapade kayak upside down and raised off the ground (use bricks) to allow air to flow into the cockpit area. It is currently stored on a concrete slab so it is off the immediate ground. I'll drape a waterproof tarp over it when weather conditions really start to deteriorate and that should do it. The hull is hard plastic and pretty resistent.

Weather Alert! However, in the Triangle area this afternoon and evening, we are forecast to get up to 2 inches of snow... so I hooked up the dolly to my kayak... and wheeled it into the garage! Not taking any chances with the weather. And that means no kayaking this weekend! :-(

Any kayak storage tips to share?


  1. Here is a tip: Forget the storage - you can kayak in Snow!

  2. Great tip Rob! Unfortunately, our forecast of 2 inches never materialized and it was a "none event" of less then half an inch! :-( However, our local grocery stores did a brisk business selling milk and bread! Looks like I'll have to wait a little longer before I become "Snow Kayaker." !!!


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