Monday, November 30, 2009

Return to Flat Creek

11/29/09 - Flat Creek, Henderson, NC

Howdy! :-) I had a choice to make this past Sunday - either rake leaves or paddle. I contemplated that decision for an entire micro-second and decided to... paddle! Imagine that! ;-) I returned to Flat Creek (scene of my paddling adventure 9 days ago) and decided to paddle east up the waterway. It was an "extra" beautiful day, sunny with temperatures in the upper 60's F and a light (less then 5mph) breeze - one of those "jaw-dropping" and rare gorgeous days in November!

Parking lot at Williamsboro Wayside. Note that the water levels have receded from 9 days ago. Now, all the posts are "high and dry." It also appears that Henderson town maintenance workers have built a low rock barrier at the end of the parking lot.

My put in area. I had to scramble over the rock barrier carrying the 65lb kayak. It was a little more difficult then last time to launch!

Paddling east up the creek I saw a number of floating docks with nice "sitting areas" at the dock ends.

While water levels were lower, I still encountered numerous forest areas that had been reclaimed by the creek. I was able to paddle between the trunks.

Again, many floating docks were "islands" that required owners to use boats to reach them! Here is a dock ramp that leads underwater!

I saw elaborate docks that could accommodate several large boats...

... and more modest ones too.

There were many large and impressive vacation / year-round homes on Flat Creek.A nice 30ish footer sailboat moored to a boat house.

Note the elaborate cradle gear to put in / take out boats.

I paddled down a small cove and discovered these "at rest" kayaks. How sad! :-(

Upon closer inspection, I spied my friends - the "Great Outdoor Provision Company" logo on the bow!

As I moved farther eastward, hugging the north shoreline, I saw erosion on the "weatherside" of the creek.
The cloud formations were spectacular!

It was also a great day for flying! Note the single engine airplane (lower right). You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

A couple of "beauty" shots! Enjoy! :-)

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