Monday, November 9, 2009

Lake Rogers Paddling Adventure

11/07/09 - Lake Rogers, Creedmoor, NC

Hi everyone! :-) Well, I continue to "branch out" from my familiar paddling areas. This weekend I traveled a few miles northeast of Lake Holt to Lake Rogers in Creedmoor. It was sunny with a 5mph southeast breeze and temperatures in the low 60's F - a gorgeous day!

Put in was at the Lake Rogers boat ramp. There was no attendant on duty at the concession / rental shack... so no launch fees! ;-)
Spillway and dam. This is the "lake" side with the spillway located just beyond the three pillars. There is an approx. 20 foot spillway drop. I did not care to venture any closer in my kayak! There were a few cottages and houses located on Lake Rogers. Most appeared to be seasonal and primarily for vacationers and hunters.

In several areas, the water had reclaimed significant areas of forest. The trees had been reduced to stumps and in many cases were lurking just below the water level. I "bumped" into several as I followed the shoreline.Many large trees had branches that over hung the water and I encountered long trunks that were half submerged. Again, had to exercise caution as I paddled.I also encountered these "lone sentries" standing by themselves approx. 30 feet from the shore. I banged this tree trunk with my oar and it was very sturdy.
I was thankful for the sunny day. Too many weekends lately have been overcast and rainy.I came across six hunter duck blinds scattered around Lake Rogers. Thankfully, nobody was home at any of them!
I discovered this concealed row skiff near the shore. Hunters use these boats to get to the duck blinds and retrieve their bird "trophies" from the water.

I landed at one point to stretch my legs and...

... discovered an access road cut through the woods to the lake shoreline and the concealed skiff in the earlier photo. Hunters and fishermen use ATVs or small trucks to transport their gear on this road to the water's edge.
I got as close as I could to this pair of geese. They tolerated my presence for a time and when they had decided I had gotten "close enough," they took to flight. Here the male is airborne and the female is getting up speed to lift off and follow.
Northern portions of Lake Rogers were swamp-like with water plants and...
... islands of bushes. The water is very shallow and muddy here.

And now, some "beauty shots." You're welcome! :-)

Lake Rogers had the most "varied" terrain and wildlife of all my paddling areas to date. It was fun to paddle around the "next bend" and encounter such diverse scenes! I also sighted my first deer from a kayak. It was a medium size doe. She spotted me and before I could extract my digital camera from its water-proof bag, she crashed through the brush and disappeared. I drifted silently, without paddling, for several minutes in hopes of spotting her, but she remained well hidden.

During my 4 hour paddling adventure, I saw no other boaters or anyone else for that matter. It was only on my return leg to the boat ramp, did I see a group of kids running around on the playground equipment near the concession / rental shack. What a fun and relaxing time to get away from it all and just paddle!

Until next time... "Take life one stroke at a time." :-)


  1. Be careful Mike - exploring new areas can become addictive. :)

  2. Your "wave off" came too late Rob! ;-) The "what's around the next bend" suprises are the more addictive elements! BTW... I know you are experiencing Ida since landfall was 30 miles SE of Mobile! No paddling for a few days? Hope all is safe with you? Here in NC, we're seeing some light bands of rain. Forecast is calling for 1-3 inches of much needed rain in the next couple days.


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