Monday, November 23, 2009

Flat Creek Paddling Adventure

11/20/09 - Flat Creek, Henderson, NC

Hi everyone! I took a much deserved day off from work on Friday and decided to do some paddling - imagine that! ;-) This trip I traveled 40 miles north on I85 to the small town of Henderson. It was another beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the low 60's F and a light (less than 10mph) breeze.

My original destination was Satterwhite Point at Kerr Lake, but after crossing a small bridge in Henderson and sighting some "good looking" paddling water, I took a right off of NC Route 39 at this interesting sign.
I found myself on a short dirt road that led to a small parking area among the trees... I had discovered Flat Creek!

This region had experienced heavy rainfall and the water levels were very high. Large forest areas were submerged and I encountered numerous floating logs and other debris during my paddling on Flat Creek.

Here is where I put in. Half the parking lot was under water. Apparently, the parking lot extends to the end of these posts!

Here I approach and pass under the NC Route 39 bridge that crosses Flat Creek.

"Caught" this White Heron in my camera lens sitting on a tree stump. I drifted and he allowed me to get quite close before flying off. I believe I sighted him several more times during my paddling trip.

Remnants of Autumn hanging on. A splash of color in a landscape that is increasingly more barren and grey as the winter months approach.

I encountered numerous homes and cottages along Flat Creek, many with very elaborate and expensive docks. Here is a boat shelter with electric wench for putting in / taking out motor boats.

Some owners keep their pontoon and cruise boats in the water year round. The high water levels caused many of the dock structures to become more like "wooden islands" with persons needing to use boats to get to their docks!

It was a beautiful day! Great cloud formations!
I landed in a cleared area to stretch my legs and...
... discovered a small picnic area. Great place for a picnic lunch, especially in the summer!
Back to the put in area. Another fun paddling adventure! :-)

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